Rainbow Sweets Cupcakes for a Cause
Non-Profit Organization

Making the world a better sweeter place one cupcake at a time!

Contact us to see how to volunteer or donate to the cause!

. Rainbow Sweets Cupcakes for a Cause is focused on improving our community by fighting homelessness. Contact us to find out how we are using the love of baking to help the community one cupcake at a time. We will do everything we can to get homeless people and families off of the streets.

Homelessness is a huge problem that we all can help fix in one way or another. I have learned that we must love our neighbors as God loves us. 

 Check back later for new updates and events posted here on our website!  There's much more to come! If you are reading this site, We need your help!

Baking is my passion

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Serving is my duty


Building a better community is my dream